Fundamentals of Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Aquariums provide a relaxing comfort and great viewing pleasure. If you want to further enhance the appeal of your aquarium it is recommended that you put real freshwater aquarium plants on your fish tank. Freshwater aquarium plants add more appeal to an aquarium. Other than the appeal that they provide they also bring about lots of benefits to a fish tank.

Freshwater aquarium plants provide the inhabitants of the aquarium resting and breeding grounds. In addition to that, freshwater aquarium plants also help regulate the levels of carbon dioxide in the aquarium. They help maintain or regulate the aquatic environment of the aquarium.

There are lots of different types of freshwater aquarium plants. You can buy them on a local pet retailer shop near you or purchase them online. The most popular types of freshwater aquarium plants these days are the "Amazon Sword", "Anubias Anugustifolia", "Moneywort", "Wisteria" and Java Moss. These types of freshwater aquarium plants enhance the ambiance of the aquarium and at the same time helps maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium. Freshwater aquarium plants also help remove harmful substance in the water of your aquarium.

Most of the freshwater aquarium plants can be planted on the fish tank easily. All you have to do is to secure the root of the aquarium plant deeply and firmly on the substrate of the aquarium. Substrate refers to the materials found on the bottom of the aquarium such as gravel, sand, crushed marbles, crushed corals, crushed limestone and the likes. In planting a freshwater aquarium plant make sure that you take hold of the tip of the roots as you push it gently into the substrate. It is best that you first make a hole on the substrate using your fingers. Once the roots of the freshwater aquatic plant are firmly and deeply set, cover it completely with the substrate.

There are some freshwater aquatic plants that do not require planting into the substrate. The Java Moss is a perfect example of this type of freshwater aquatic plant. All you have to do is just attach the aquatic plant on an underwater aquarium adornment. Just make sure that it is attach firmly. When this type of freshwater plant has firmly attached itself, small roots would then start to grow and attach itself to the surface of which it is attached.

Bear in mind that freshwater aquarium plants require maintenance unlike those fake plastic aquarium plants. Just make sure that they have sufficient lighting so that they would become healthy.