Beekeeping Supplies For Hobbyists And Professionals

Beekeeping supplies include hive essentials, beekeeping tools, processing equipment, honey containers and labels. Many people run commercial apiaries today and keep a stock of all the beekeeping supplies that you need for beekeeping. There are several new products, both for people who are doing beekeeping as a hobby or as a business.

Hive Essentials

Hive Essentials are the first things that you need, when you are starting off with beekeeping. The bees and the queens are the most important beekeeping supplies along with the Beginner's and Hive Increase Kits. There are small hive frames and big ones, as well as polystyrene hives.

Bee feed and feeders and comb honey supplies belong to the beekeeping supplies too. Bee medications are essential and you need books to keep you informed about the bees. Hive wraps, gadgets and tools are some of the beekeeping tools along with galvanized hardware cloth and pollen traps. For the beekeeper, protective clothing is essential, and so are smokers.

Processing Honey And Wax

In order to process beeswax and honey it is necessary to include them in the beekeeping supplies. You can also have bee escapes and harvesting extractors and extracting tools as processing equipment. For the honey containers it is important to have bulk, glass and plastic containers for the liquid honey. Closures are vital and there should be labels for the various types of honey.

Honey Handling Equipment is also sold in various sizes in the stores which supply beekeeping supplies. Honey tanks and strainers which are suitable for various size buckets and honey warming cabinets are also available. A honey creaming machine and a hive clamp with strap is used for transportation.

Equipment for beeswax and foundation wax is some of the latest products of beekeeping supplies. There are many wood products, medications and treatment for bees and lots of beekeeping books and educational aids can be bought on websites.


Several kits are available as beekeeping supplies like the Bee-Ginners Kit or the Hive Starter Kit. The Bee-Ginners Kit provides the beginner with the basics of beekeeping supplies and it is only sold as a unit. The Hive Starter Kit is an assembled English Garden Hive which has eight frames. It includes a copper top, and two medium blocks with frames.

Buying Supplies

Most beekeeping supplies can be bought online, by choosing from huge catalogues and comparing price lists. You can even order on the phone. The products can be shipped to you, if it is within the country; delivery is within two to three days and about seven to ten days for delivery overseas.