Effective Bee Sting Treatments

A bee sting can be deadly for those who have allergic reactions to it. Other than that there are many different kinds of bee sting treatments that a person can apply after being stung. There are many different kinds of bees and wasps that sting people, many of these insects have stings that can be retracted while some others leave their stingers on the people they sting.

Remedies For Stings

A bee sting treatment may not be needed especially if the person has little reaction to the sting. The usually reaction to a bee sting is reddening of the skin and some localized pain in the direct area of the sting. Other symptoms that may require bee sting treatment are swelling and some itching. The bee sting treatment for swelling is to actually apply a cold compress over the area. This reduces the swelling in the area as well as neutralizes the effects of some stings. Some localize reactions to a bee sting can last for up to several days especially the pain around the area. Bee sting treatment for localized pain is applying cold compresses.

Taking out the stinger, if there is one left can also help ease the pain and reduce the amount of poison left by the honeybee. Another bee sting treatment is to clean the area with water and soap to get rid of any poison left in the affected area. Make sure that the stinger is already taken out of the stung area before you clean it.

Some people who have some slight allergic reactions to the sting can take Benadryl as a bee sting treatment. This bee sting treatment can also lessen the risk of more serious symptoms of bee stings, especially for those who may have some slight allergic reactions. For those who have serious reactions, the best bee sting treatment is to go to the emergency room and explain the situation. Some people die because they do not get the right bee sting treatment on time. If you have a history of severe allergic reactions to insect bites, take no chances and proceed to the emergency ward.

Getting the right bee sting treatment on time can actually save lives. Knowing what to do in case you get stung can be a life saver. It is not only bees that you have to be cautious with when you have severe reaction to insect bites. Almost all kinds of insects that bite or sting can cause a severe allergic reaction.