How to Become a Bee Keeper

The process of becoming a bee keeper is really not all that difficult, and it can also be very financially rewarding. By becoming a bee keeper you will not only be doing what you love - if that is what you enjoy - but as well you will be doing good for the world around you because without bees, we would have a lot fewer food sources.

The First Step

Anyone who is interested in becoming a bee keeper should first find out if they are allergic to bee stings. You can still go ahead and learn about bee keeping if you are allergic, but of course you are going to have to take special precautions and be much more careful when you are dealing with the bees.

Suit Up

You are also going to have to make sure that you have all the right equipment if you want to become a bee keeper, and more than anything this refers to a bee suit. There are many forms of protective clothing on the market that you can choose to use here, and a full bee suit is the ideal acquisition but the prices are fairly steep so if you are just starting off or are otherwise strapped for cash you may just want to stick to some more basic clothing.

You should be wary of any veils that slip over the head, because bees are invariably going to find a way to get around it and gain access to your neck and face, which can be very dangerous. You should always dress in light colors, and this is for a few different reasons. For one, you will be able to spot bees easier if they do manage to get through, and for another because light colors are less likely to generate static.

Gloves are also going to be very important here, and whenever you are handling bees you should be wearing proper gloves that are tucked into a long-sleeved shirt so that bees have no way to gain entry to your arm or get up your shirt sleeve.

Learn About the Bees

The next crucial step in becoming a bee keeper is to learn about the different species of bees, how they nest, what their hives are like, about their personal characteristics, and so on. There are many different types of hives available around the world, and the best idea is to select a specific hive type to learn about first, to make it easier on yourself.