Thinking about Practicing the Art of Bee Keeping?

Some people collect rocks or shells as a hobby while others may find bungee jumping or fishing more suited to their tastes. There are millions of people around the world however that is abuzz about their particularly sweet hobby - bee keeping! Of course, bee keeping is not just a hobby; it can also be well-suited for a side job or even a full-time enterprise. The good news is that to start this buzzing practice, you do not need much money to get your start.

Considerations before Committing

Bee keeping can be a sweet and rewarding hobby or vocation but there are a few things to consider before making the commitment to raise bees. First of all, bee stings for apiarists (bee keepers) are commonplace so you should be sure that you and those who will assist you are not allergic. You will know an allergic reaction to a bee sting if you see it - swelling at the sting site, possible welts or rashes on the body, wheezing and swelling of air passageways.

While you may be able to handle most of the basics of bee keeping on your own, it is always helpful to have a partner help you with some of the chores. Heavy lifting is a particular problem when moving the hive boxes so having a helper could be a godsend, unless of course, you can handle the added burden.

Do the Research

Bee keeping is more than just tending to the hives it is understanding that there are specific duties and activities that take place at distinct times throughout the year. Bee keeping duties wait for no man regardless of whether or not it is the deep cold winter or a sweltering summer. Apprentice with an apiarist or head to the library to check out as many books and resources as possible.

You must know the difference between the drones, queen bees and workers are in order to succeed in bee keeping as the roles of each are very important to the survival of the hive. Learn what the frames are for, why you smoke some hives out and how to harvest honey and the comb produced.

Luckily, bee keeping equipment is not costly nor is it very cumbersome in terms of maintenance but you must be diligent in your research to know what you must absolutely purchase. A bee smoker, a bee suit and veil and a hive tool are the minimum bee keeping requirements necessary to get the job done. However, rest assured there is more equipment in the bee keeping arsenal for winter protection as well as honey extraction. Your level of commitment as well as your knowledge and pocketbook will guide you in your new venture into bee keeping.