Controlling a Bees Nest

If you have a bees nest on your property then you may have concerns about the safety of your family, particularly if you have small children. Sometimes people confuse bees with wasps. Wasps have thinner bodies with a narrow waist, slim legs and bodies that are shiny and smooth in appearance.

Wasps can be very aggressive and you should be very careful if there is such a nest on your property. Bees on the other hand are much fatter and have hairy legs to help with collecting pollen. Bumblebees are not aggressive and as long as left alone they will not bother you.

Calling Professionals

Sometimes there is a need to call professionals when you are faced with the problem of a bees nest. It is uncommon for honeybees to make nests in your garden as usually these bees are bred and require manmade structures to nest. However a wild colony may find its way into your property.

Honeybees usually pose a problem, as they need someone who knows what they are doing to get rid of them. Although the problem can be handled with insecticides it is probably safer and easier to call a pest control company to come in and handle the problem.

Protected Species

In England bumblebees are a protected species and destroying a bees nest of this species can result in prosecution with heavy penalties. If you happen to live outside England and need to get rid of a bees nest of this variety then you can treat the problem with insecticides.

Insecticides to Use

Use insecticides that are meant for lawns and soil. The most successful use of insecticides when dealing with this type of bees nest are in dust form. Carbaryl and cholrpyrifos insecticides in dust form are good to use. You can put these insecticides in the opening of the nest and then cover the entrance of the nest with soil once you are sure that all the bees have died.

If you have wasps on your property then you need to be careful. Especially in late summer and fall when wasps can turn aggressive. The presence of wasps can disrupt picnics and other outdoor gatherings that involve food. Try and serve food just when people are ready to eat rather than laying it out. Put away food quickly and make sure your garbage can has a tight fitting lid. The best time to get rid of wasps is in winter when you can safely destroy the nest.