Depression Treatment: A More Humane Approach Is Needed

The oldest depression treatment that was known to man was removing a patient's colon or teeth in a bid to cure the problem, though in more recent times a more humane approach has been followed including using drugs such as Prozac that have been used with more success. Times have indeed changed and no longer are the same methods being used and depression treatment involves a lot more than taking rest as well as refreshments and it is also more than creating new relationships. Greek as well as Roman physicians have for long recognized how spa waters could soothe a person's nerves and now thousands of years later, lithium salts provide us with these same waters.

Bloodletting And Euthanasia

Depression treatment as it was practiced in the Western world was slightly more inhumane and was based on how depressed a person was, and in fact, for long it was believed that manic depression patients were actually possessed by devils and thus the practice was to chain them and also to physically restrain them. Some of the different types of depression treatment being used in the past included bloodletting, euthanasia as well as application of electric eels to the person's skull.

However, once science began to make inroads into finding more humane methods for depression treatment the old inhumane treatment methods were soon abandoned. In any case there is special kind of depression treatment used for manic depression patients though which type of treatment method is to be used depends on symptoms as well as severity and even the illnesses' duration, as too stressors that precipitated the condition.

Today, depression treatment can include use of medication psychotherapy as well as electroconvulsive therapy. Among the common medications used to treat depression are anti-depressants, lithium as well as tranquilizers. In the case of electroconvulsive therapy use is made of giving patients electric shocks in order to create a momentary seizure which in turn causes release of a number of different chemicals (neurotransmitters) into the brain that transmit messages to different brain cells and in fact help in improving the functioning of the brain causing an improvement in the brain and better working of it as well.

No doubt, home is where the heart is though when you are affected by extreme anxiety or depression your condition may worsen to such an extent that you would have no other option but to get admitted to a depression treatment center where more appropriate treatment can be given. Other methods of depression treatment include anti-depressant medications, anti-convulsions medications, psychotherapy (inter-personal) as well as anti-anxiety medications and cognitive therapy and even anti-psychotic medications.