Choices in Engagement Ring Sets

Engagement ring sets are a great way to combine a stylish look that matches the engagement ring with the wedding band. There are many fine jewelry stores that offer a wide selection of engagement ring sets.

Some Styles Offered

Engagement ring sets usually have an engagement ring that is a solitaire diamond. This classic style is then placed next to a wedding band where it sits or connects to the wedding band.

There is no rule that says that engagement ring sets have to have a diamond solitaire. The engagement ring can be made with a diamond in the center and then other stones on the outside of the diamond. Again, these stones would then coordinate with the wedding band stones to create a unique look.

Birth Stones, Hugs and Kisses and Beyond

Consider surrounding the diamond with several rubies and then alternate rubies and diamonds on the wedding band. Other stones, including the woman's birth stone can also be used to make a ring that is very personalized.

There are also engagement ring sets that have "kisses and hugs" design. This is where there is a diamond solitaire as the engagement ring. On the wedding band there is the alternating pattern of gold x's and round diamonds to make for the kisses and hugs design. The rings themselves are silver or gold platinum to make the gold of the x's stand out. They can be designed with silver x's and gold bands if that is what is preferred.

Engagement ring sets can also be made where the wedding band has a curve to it, and the engagement ring then sets perfectly next to the band. The stones then flow in a pattern together making a very classic style ring set.

Sometimes, it may be a good idea to go as a couple to select an engagement ring set. This may compromise the surprise of the marriage proposal, but the couple will then be able to choose an engagement ring set that they both like and feel is the right choice.

If that is not an option, talk to a jeweler about which type of engagement ring would work best to be combined with a wedding band. They will have suggestions on different styles that can then be placed with a variety of wedding bands to create a look that is not only attractive, but looks right together. Engagement ring sets can definitely make the pairing of the engagement ring and the wedding ring an easy choice to make.