Discovering Golf in Spain

Discovering Golf in Spain

People who are avid golfers are always looking for a new course and new experience for their golfing game. A great way for a person to experience both the new course and new experience is to plan a vacation and discover golf in Spain. Spain is not often thought of in relationship to the sport of golf but the Spanish people have a great interest in the game and the mild climate and beautiful scenery of the country is quite conducive to creating optimal golf courses. There are many wonderful courses located throughout the country that will make discovering golf in Spain a terrific experience.

Southern Spain Golfing

The coastline of Southern Spain rests on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean just miles north of the African continent. This beautiful area is home to several quality golf courses. The Spain golf opportunities in the south will be a great adventure for the avid golfer. The golfer may want to plan to play the Valle de Este Golf Club in Almeria, Atalaya Golf and Country Club in Malaga, or the beautiful Costa Ballena Club de Golf in Cadiz. These are just a taste of the many available courses in Southern Spain.

Northern Spain Golfing

The northern border of Spain offers the coastline of the Bay of Biscayne and the southern French border. There are many golf opportunities discover golf in Spain in this region. Simply searching the internet will provide a great list of courses for all levels of golfers. The Margas Golf course in Huesca offers not only a fine course but beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and hills. The Aravell Golf Andorra course in Lerida is equally beautiful providing a new golf experience.

Island Golfing In Spain

For a very unique golf experience the golfer might want to visit one of the Spanish islands many courses. The Islas Baleares and the Islas Cararias both offer ample opportunities for golfing while visiting scenic islands of the Mediterranean Sea. This will create a fantastic new experience for golfing that will be a lifetime memory.

The Volvo Masters

The golf enthusiast may want to increase the Spain golf experience by planning their trip to include attending the Volvo Masters in Valderrama. This finale to the European PGA tour will be sure to impress anyone interested in the game of golf and can encourage a person in their own game. The tournament will be held the first part of November in 2007 and is sure to be a great time to plan a visit to Spain.