Experiencing the Fine Food of Spain

Experiencing the Fine Food of Spain

Many people in North America have a misunderstanding of what the food of Spain is like. With the vast influence of Central and South America people often mistake Mexican food for Spanish food. But, true recipes and food from Spain has its own unmistakable taste and quality which is a delight to food enthusiast's world wide. Experiencing the fine food of Spain is an exciting and tasty adventure for people who enjoy food. There are several basics of the Spanish diet which are anything but basic foods and are worth taking the time and opportunity to indulge in.


One of the best dishes Spain food has to offer is the incredible concoction called Paella. This dish combines meats such as chicken, sausage, and seafood with rice, saffron, and other seasonings to make one of the most incredible entrees a person will ever have the chance to eat. This dish varies from region to region and chef to chef based off the available ingredients but is always tasty.


Another basic Spain food is the wonderful soup called Gazpacho. This tomato based recipe is a soup which is traditionally served chilled in the warm summer time. There are a variety of recipes for this soup as well but the dish will be a vegetable soup that is sure to refresh and energize each person who consumes it.


People who have not had the opportunity to visit Spain have missed the opportunity to sample wonderful bread. The Spanish panadero create simple yet delicious bars of bread that will soothe the consumer and create a lifelong craving for more of the same. Spain food is truly enhanced by the Pan recipes from the many panaderia in the country. People may think that bread is just bread but once they have tasted traditional Spanish Pan they will know there is a difference.


One Spain food that a person really needs to experience in the country to get the full flavor is Horchata. This is a drink made of Chufa which is a nut grown in the country. This nut is soaked and mashed then added to water and seasoned with ingredients such as cinnamon and sugar creating a refreshing beverage which has been a basic of the Spanish diet for hundreds of years. Although there are recipes available on the internet to make this drink, it is difficult to find and buy Chufa anywhere other that the areas where it is grown.