Map of Spain and Its Geography

Map of Spain and Its Geography

Most people do not know very much about the great country of Spain. If you take a look at Spain's map of its country you can learn a lot about this mysterious country. Spain sits on the Iberian Peninsula with three other territories. The map of Spain shows that the country takes up most of the peninsula and also posses two other sets of islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Spain also has ownership of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, North Africa, Ceuta, and And Melilla. When looking at the map of Spain you will notice that Spain is not a flat country. The Meseta Central or otherwise known as the central plateau is surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges and peripheral mountains. There are a variety of different climate regions that you will see on the map of Spain. For the most part the country experiences a universal climate of hot, hot summers and cold, cold winters and this makes it difficult to grow any kind of crops.

On the map of Spain the country is surrounded by water on three sides; the Mediterranean Sea borders on the south and east side of the country. The northwest and southwest side of the country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and has two different names; on the south side the shows the Golfo de Cadiz NAD on the north side it is called the Bay of Biscay. Spain also has neighbors France and Portugal on its landlocked side. The map of Spain shows the country is divided into ten different regions which are then divided into sub regions. These sub regions are commonly referred to as the Meseta Central and associated mountains, other mountainous regions, lowland regions and the islands.

Mountain Ranges of Spain

The map of Spain shows the many mountain ranges in the region. The Meseta Central is a plateau that is 610-760 meters high and is surrounded by other mountains with elevations of 2400-2600 meters. The Montes de Toledo are mountain ranges that run along the east side of the Meseta and the Sierra de Guadelupe runs along the west side and their elevations do not get much higher than 1500 meters. The Sierra Morena, Sistema Iberico and Cordillera Cantabrica are mountain ranges that rim the south side of the Meseta and do not rise above 1300 meters but the terrain is more treacherous than the other mountain ranges. These are just a few of the mountain ranges in the region and Looking at a map of Spain is the only way to get a true vision of all this country has to offer.