The Great Culture of Spain

The Great Culture of Spain

There is such a variety of different cultures around the world; and many agree that one of the most amazing cultures in the world is the culture of Spain. They have an amazing array of annual events that have become traditional over the years. From food to animals to dancing, Spain's culture is one of the most unique cultures that can be found anywhere in the world. Every year people come from miles away to witness these unique rituals that you can only see on the streets of Spain.

Tomato Fights and Bull Fights

Possibly one of the most unique traditions in the world is that of the "tomotina". This is a famous tomato fight that takes place in the Spanish town of Buno. Every year thousands of people descend on the town to have a huge tomato fight. This unusual tradition in Spain's culture was said to have started in1959 when two brothers got into a fight and grabbed the first object they could find which happened to be a vegetable cart full of tomatoes and began throwing them at each other.

Another popular aspect of Spain's culture is bullfighting and nearly everyone in the world has heard of it. Bullfighting is one of the most popular spectator sports in Spain and every town has their own bullfighting arena. Bullfighting was originally a royal sport, but was soon deemed unsuitable for the royals to take part in and so it became a commoner's sport. There are seven days out of the year that are reserved for another one of the very famous traditions in Spain's culture. In the city of Pamplona every year in July they hold the annual running of the bulls. Participants run in front of the bulls to feel the breath of the bull on their back and hopefully not get gored by the bull's sharp protruding horns. They soon have to jump out of the way to let the bulls pass. The bulls are then herded into a bull pen at the end of the road where they will be killed in bullfights later that evening.


A much safer tradition in Spain's fabulous culture is the flamenco. The flamenco is derived from dance, guitar, and song and is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. It is a complex pattern of sophisticated movements and footwork and has lots of rhythm. The singer's role is very important in this popular dance and a unique and special flamenco guitar has been created for this popular dance. These are just a few of the many aspects of Spain's culture and the only way to experience them all is to visit the country and see them for yourself.