Relaxing at a Barcelona Spain Hotel

Relaxing at a Barcelona Spain Hotel

Barcelona is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia. It is second to the Spanish capital city of Madrid in terms of land area. Today, this city is not only an important economic center and cultural heritage site; it is also a very popular tourist destination. In fact, foreign tourists are advised to have their accommodations in a Barcelona Spain hotel booked in advance. This way, vacationers would not waste much time looking for a place to sleep in and instead, spend the majority of the holiday viewing the major attractions that the city has to offer.

Before deciding what Barcelona Spain hotel to temporarily reside in, tourists should consider the distance of the hotel to some of the main attractions in the city. This way, they would not spend so much in cab or rail fare. It is especially convenient if a Barcelona Spain hotel is just a walking distance from some of the museums, parks, restaurants and shopping destinations in the city.

Important Barcelona Celebrations

It is most difficult to arrange room accommodations in a Barcelona Spain hotel when the city is celebrating some popular holidays. Among the most important celebrations in the city are the Festes de la Merce, Festes de Gracia and Sant Jordi. Usually taking place on the 24th of September, the Festes de la Merce is one of the main celebrations in Barcelona. At this time, its city streets are filled with dancing and lively music. Festes de Gracia, on the other hand, is usually celebrated on August 15 in the Gracia quarter of the city. During this celebration, a party goes on all night and the streets are filled with music and food. Sant Jordi is a celebration similar to Valentines Day in other places. Held annually on the 23rd of April, this occasion is marked with people giving away roses and books on the streets.

Tourists can find hotels that offer room accommodations from the cheapest to the most luxurious. One of the most notable first class hotels in the city is The Royal Ramblas which is right at the Las Ramblas Boulevard, which is very near the Catalunya Square. The latter is considered as the business and cultural center of the city. Aside from a Barcelona Spain hotel, a tourist may also stay in an apartment, hostel or pension. The bottom line is that the choice of the kind of accommodation depends on your budget and planning skills.