The Red and Yellow Flag of Spain

The Red and Yellow Flag of Spain

Spain is a country in which the cities feature narrow twisting old streets that suddenly open out to views of daring modern architecture. It's a nation where the travel is easy, accommodation plentiful, and the climate benign and comfortable. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and really has an incredible amount of fun and enjoyment to offer for everyone.

History of the Flag of Spain

The flag of Spain is made up of three horizontal stripes in the colors of red and yellow. The yellow stripe which is centered in the middle is double the size of both the red stripes. The flag of Spain is typically charged with the Spanish coat of arms in the left half of the yellow stripe, and this is actually compulsory for all the Spanish institutions and military forces, according to the law.

An urban legend actually holds that the colors used on the flag of Spain are derived from the bullfighting arena, because this is such a traditional and popular sport in the country. According to this, the red in the flag represents the bullfighter's blood and the yellow used represents the sand of the arena.

As with any other country, the flag is a symbol of pride and nationality, and is one of the most respected elements of Spanish culture.

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