Christian Singles: A Glimpse at Dating

By religious faith, about 75% of the total American inhabitants declare themselves as Christians. This also readily translate that they have the biggest number of population.

The word Christian only appears three times in the Bible. But how did it managed to have become the major religion all across the globe. The word Christian is derived from the Greek word Christianos, meaning a flower of Christ. But what exactly is a follower of Christ?

However, if you think that merely believing in Him and living by the words of the Bible is enough to be a good Christian follower, you are wrong. Although things that Christians are more apt to do like, going to church weekly, taking regular communions, having been baptized, wouldn't even be enough to be a Christian. Being a Christian evolves in the main value of keeping a personal relationship with Christ, by believing that He is your only Lord and Saviour.

Christianity and Dating
Since Christianity has the most number of followers, t his would also mean that they have the most number of Christian singles. Dating will always be part of any religion; by itself it is a lifestyle. Nevertheless, however you deny the fact that religion plays one of the leading factors to consider in dating, it really is. Christian singles have also the general perception of dating other Christian singles as well. This is simply because they follow the same faith and they believe in the same practices.

Unlike other religions, Christian singles value sexual purity. This involves the abstinence from sexual relationships prior to marriage. Although it is God's standard rule for couples who are not bound by marriage, it is not always that easy to be followed in the real world.

If you are a Christian, and you are single, do not fret. You may not know this, but there are a lot of Christian Singles' network and events intently held for meeting other Christians and potentially creating a romantic spark. There are even several online dating sites that are exclusively meant to cater the Christian Singles society. Here you can browse people's information, pictures, and exchange instant messages with one another. In fact, there are quite a number of happily married couples who started off this course.

People may be separated by faith. But when it comes to dating, people follow a much similar route - a route that brings forth people, even of different religion, together.