Making a great impression on a first date

Today's world of dating seems to get harder. People have become picky and a lot have decided to remain single and alone rather than attach with the person who never complement the criteria. Nevertheless, everyday brings more acquaintances at the coffee shops, at the movie houses, at the workplace or at romantic dinners, where two people try to decide about their compatibility.

First intuitions are important. The following are essential tips in avoiding disaster during your first date.

Be Prepared. Women love men who set plans. For men, a woman can feel if you are interested or not through your time on making plans and showing your creativity in any activities that you will indulge.

Do not expect. Do not anticipate about the actions and mannerisms of your date as similar as your certain expectations about them. This only causes disappointments. Learn to appreciate your date, even on your first date, for who they are as a person. There is always that something that you will learn from a person you meet and from their experiences. If things on the first date do not work out, do not feel frustrations. Instead, just value any learning from that first date experience and keep on looking.

Be at your best. Your date surely appreciate it if she or he sees effort in preparation for your first date. Strong odor on the body or bad breath will certainly take you to Dumpsville.

Communication. It is the manner on how you converse, not what you converse. According to famous studies, 60% of human communication is about non-verbal while 30% is the tone of your voice. Bring pleasant confidence and be yourself. Display an optimistic attitude towards your date, be communicative and be open. Relax, smile and make your first date fun.

Show interest. If you feel an interest towards your date, an ounce of naive flirting could be sexy. This can be done through eye contacts or physical touch but in a respectful manner. Just make sure you get affirmative vibes back.

Pay attention and respond. When talking, look at the eyes of your date and listen to them attentively, especially on your first date. Through that manner, when your turn to speak comes, you can speak about something better than unpleasant or rude things about your date.

Honesty. Always be truthful about your personality. Depending on your comfort and easiness, tell about your past honestly. Do not make any pretensions about who you are. The more you pretend, the higher the tendencies of your failure towards your first date.

A first date will always be important, so are with first impressions. Fact is, only three dating activities and after, the person may likely tell if the relationship works or not.