Romance 101: Burning up the Flames once more

To make certain that people never fail to notice the significance of romance in each of our daily lives, God dedicated an entire book in the Bible for this matter, the Song of Solomon. Reading contents from this romantic book is like listening to the romantic exchanges of dialogues between a man and his wife. In fact, Solomon even describes his love for his wife as a fire which no water can even put out.
We all need this kind of fire in any of our relationships, especially in marriages. True, getting married is bliss. It is even the utmost dream of women. The only problem is that after a couple of years into marriage, something inevitable happen. The romance and the flames that burned ever so brightly during dating seem to fall to pieces, crumble, and for some the fire eventually dies. The lost of romance can cause immense turbulence in any relationship. It can be the start of agitation that leads to most marriages' failure.
Experts and psychologists have eventually realized that the lost of romance is the main reason for most relationship that crumbles. With this in mind, a lot of people have dedicated their lives to finding ways to stop or at least prevent relationships to go this very cold and unwelcoming direction.
Let's face it. No one would ever want to ask for romance tips from their folks. Plus, if ever they would give one, it is probably outdated. You basically would want tips that can be applicable to today's lifestyle and mentality. However, due to the modernity and advancement in technology, it has become fairly easy to scout for helpful and dated information and help regarding romance. The internet plays the biggest holder of useful information and in addition to its broad source of tips is also its convenience.
However, if you go back decades ago, would you ever think of a romance 101 as a pretty helpful subject back in school? Well, it would have been. Otherwise, couples could have save more money instead of filing divorce cases against one another. Unfortunately, it never made it between biology and physical education. It could have been so nice to have a teacher walk you through dating, proposal, and marriage. A lot of marriages would have been saved.

Well, times have changed. We could not have prepared ourselves as much as we can for the nightmares of romance reality, but holding on and burning up the fire once more is our only hope.