The Dating Game: How it all began

Courtship and dating have constantly been on a more profound level, one of which you have to be serious about. Although women tend to look for a guy who is humorous, this also calls for a tendency to be serious about being humorous. Ironic, isn't it?
Finding the perfect one hasn't always been the easiest feat in the world. In fact, it is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make. But have you ever thought about a dating game? One that can win you both a potential man and a great time, all expense paid. Yes, all of these are possible. Who could ever forget about the famous dating game, remember?
The reality show called the dating game was first aired on December 20, 1965. From that moment on until today, the show was resurfaced and shown in various syndicated versions. Some people would even play the game on their own and creating their version of it.
How the game is played?
Traditionally, a dating game consists of a bachelorette will be placed on a particular setting away from the bachelors and strictly away from each other's visibility. There should be 3 bachelors on the other end. The bachelorette would subsequently throw questions to each of the three bachelors. Preferably, the same question is to be asked to all three bachelors to have a better grasp on how each of them will handle a particular scenario or question. This will be routinely done until the time runs out. After collecting the best answers from the bachelors, the bachelorette will then decide on who her pick will be based solely on how the bachelors answer her questions.
Other more recent versions of the dating game features a bachelor on the questioning side and three bachelorettes who will answer to his every question. In simpler sense, it is the exact opposite. In the dating game, the person who is looking for a date (the questioning side) is consequently called the searcher. In TV shows, once the searcher finally made a decision on which his or her pick is going to be, they are granted with an all-exclusive and all-expense paid romantic date for two.

The dating game may have lost its spark in the recent era, but it sure has left a special mark in each of our very hearts. People today may have found more convenient ways to match up and date, but the dating game will always remain as a good memory.