Mail order brides: global stage romance and relationships

Mail order brides apply to women who publish their objective of a man from another, typically developed regions in the world. This label may have been widely used yet it poses derogatory connotations and is offensive to others.

Traditionally, mail order brides refer to women who enlist themselves in several catalogs, which will be chosen by men for the purpose of marriage, frequently with few or no contact between them before the first meeting. Sometimes, the woman and man involved are citizens from different countries though sometimes, they can come from the same region. In the present day, most women sign up themselves online as among the mail order brides and make regular communication with their potential husband before the marriage.

Statistics on the success of marriage

According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS, marriages in the form of mail order brides appear to have lower divorce rates. Additionally, marriages of this sort have been reported to last for many years. They also reported that e-mail correspondence and mail order bride services result in over 4, 000 marriages among American men and brides from the other foreign land, annually.

Legal issues on mail order brides' services

Mail-order bride catalogs and marriage agencies are officially permitted in most countries in the world. Certain prominent legal issues include:

Philippines - the country prohibits the mail order brides business. The congress has enacted Republic Act number 6955 or known as the 1990 Anti-Mail-Order-Bride Law, resulting from stories which appeared in local media and press regarding abused Filipinas married to foreign husbands.

Belarus - in the year 2005, Belarus president Alexander Lukashenka made an attempt to control marriage agencies in the country and made it hard for the foreign men to operate. He considered that western men have been draining the country of all childbearing-age women. Nevertheless, since most marriage agencies are run from outside the country, either in the US, Europe or Russia, the president has unable to stop this activity.

United States - President Bush signed the IMBRA or International Marriage Broker Regulation, being part of the 2005 H.R. 3402, violence against women and department of justice reauthorization act. The set law requirements are controversial that several commentators presumed that US men are quite abusers. The main aim of this act is to ensure the safety of mail order brides from the hands of their potential future US husbands.

Women who are named mail order brides hail from different developing countries like Mexico, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Ukraine, Russia and Ethiopia. The Internet has fundamentally contributed much in making global romance and relationships possible.