Speed Dating: To do or not to do

If you are dating this modern day, you would have felt that time constraints is one of the major factors of busy individuals by now. Love and marriage will always be side by side. With people's vast exposure to Las Vegas drive-thru weddings to quickie divorces, it would only seem unquestionable for dating to follow this very road.
Now for those people who are still dream of hours over hours of candlelit dinners, you may have just been living in yesterday's time, reading yesterday's paper. Apart from the popular idea about online chatting and mobile dating, comes another trend called speed dating.
You might have heard about this craze, or perhaps have seen it in the television. However, for the minority who still remain in the dark, speed dating is a matchmaking social event whose intent is for people to meet their potential romantic partners through a large number of crowds. Equal number of men and women are called in a particular venue. The women are seated accordingly in different tables and men are to rotate on these women and spending 3 minutes and only 3 minutes to introduce themselves and get to know each other. The 3 minutes is over and it is time to go to the next table and the next lady if you hear a whistle blow.
Each participant is given a number to wear for the evening as well as a printed sheet of paper that resemble a tally sheet. Each of them will tick either a yes or a no answer on the paper provided after spending the infamous 3 minutes with them - for the most obvious reasons. At the end of the speed dating event, the papers are collected and the answers are then collated. After 24 hours, potential matches are made and a representative may contact or email the attendees.

Speed dating has become a better option for people who wanted to meet and potentially date as compared to other common venues like the bars, parties, and the like which are purportedly more noisy. In speed dating events, people are grouped according to particular criteria (age groups, etc) to save you time. Participants come on these events without the fear of being out of place and without the fear of being selected or rejected because matching itself are done by other people. So, what are you waiting for, grab that paper and pen and check on where the next venue is.