Dating problems: hear from the professional matchmakers

Professional matchmakers share the same plights with regards to the dilemmas of their job. First off, matchmakers' main job description is to try to guide singles in meeting others whom they share the same interest with. Next to that description is meeting their clients and screening them to find out their authentic names, education, marital status and address.

Yet after determining the character type of individual they were seeking, dating problems occur. Why is this so? Professional matchmakers actually revealed that apparently, those who are seeking for partners according to their compatibility and telling that they are happy about it are all lies. Here are the major dating problems that matchmakers mostly encounter.

Beauty outside, just outside.

Matchmakers show their clients pictures of their potential matches, according to the characteristics and appearance. Unattractive people at times get offended when they are matched with their physically counterparts. Some would question when they are matched with persons who are in their age level and looks type. Many clients are just totally unaware of their appearance to other and they wanted matches which were very inappropriate. Indeed, they just long for the most gorgeous-looking individuals in the photo album.

Refusing compromise

One matchmaker stated a story about how two compatible people ended up their budding serious relationship easily. They had the common dating problems of refusing to give and take. Two very overweight couple has been dating several times. Prior to their last meeting for some Sunday night out, the girl requested to meet at around 7pm instead of 5:30pm. The man got annoyed, cancelled their date and right away ended their relationship. Clients sometimes discard the thoughts of compatibility, interest and compromise.

Making a wish list

Some clients make wish lists and expect the matchmaker to find the match according to that list. This is among the dating problems encountered by professional matchmakers. It is just absurd to specifically put the type of nose that you want to see from your match. If you are seeking, narrow down your list but do not distinctively write impossible combinations of your categories. Making a wish list that is beyond possible or perfection gives the seeker the impossibility to find her/his match.

A piece of advice: Avoid shooting oneself in the foot. If you have met heaps of people and still you have not assessed some connections, better ask yourself whether you really wish to get into a relationship or no. Assess if you are all willing and ready to invest with the other person. If you continually pose similar mentioned dating problems, be a little more tolerant. Of late, do not expect a perfect person. Be happy if you will bump into M. or Ms. Right's face.