An Overview of Treatments for Depression

Depression is an illness and many people around the world are victim of this disease. However, a major number of people simply do not understand the importance of the severity of depression, thereby simply are left untreated. Like all other illnesses, depression needs treatments and it is treatable if encountered on time. People suffering from depression may experience intense feeling of sadness, confusion, frustration, anxiety, hopelessness, pain, loss of energy and loss of appetite. Treatments for depression need the thorough understanding of the problem, its possible consequences and the associated risk factors.

Initial Treatment

At the initial stage of treatments for depression may include the administration of different medications such as antidepressants. Additionally, the depressed individual may be suggested to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy. In fact, the ideal treatments for depression may cover the combination of medication and therapeutic intervention. The treatments for depression are exclusively determined on the degree of depression and other significant environmental and health factors. For mild to moderate level of depression, people may seek professional counseling to get the solution. For severe problem, you may need advanced level of treatments.

Advanced Treatment

However, even if the early detection of depression may show the symptoms associated with severe level, the suffering individual may need both psychological counseling and medication. In some cases, although rare, hospitalization may be needed if the victim shows the symptoms of suicide or has already taken suicidal attempts. The advanced level of treatments for depression become necessary for those who have shown a clear symptom of psychosis (dissociation from reality), planning to perform self-injury or have already done, planning to harm others or have already done, abusing alcohol or drugs. The hospitalization may need a longer and complex pattern of treatments for depression.

Treatment Duration

Although the treatments of depression offer increasing success rate if it includes medication or psychotherapy or the combination of both. In most of the cases, it needs time as the appropriate treatment plan needs to be determined. In fact, it takes several attempts just to identify which medication works best with an individual. It is quite possible that while a particular medication is found beneficial for an individual, it may not offer expected results in others. An individual may come to a better shape within one to three weeks following the administration of antidepressant medications. However, more time is actually needed to see the overall improvements. After going through antidepressant medications, if someone does not experience a better condition, he must make it clear to the doctor, so that the doctor can offer the individual the possible alternative medications.