Finding Flights to Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii is fun, but can be really expensive. It is important to do some research before buying plane tickets as prices can vary quite broadly. If you want to get the best deal you have to do your research. Several airlines offer direct flights from the continental United States to the islands. Finding these flights to Hawaii on the internet is easy, just do a simple Google search. Your other option is to get in touch with a local travel agent and have them help you find different flights to Hawaii.

Flying to Hawaii Facts:

Flying from San Francisco to Hawaii takes approximately five hours, while New York City to Hawaii takes around ten and a half. The cheapest fair for a flight from San Francisco to Hawaii is about two hundred and eighty dollars versus six hundred and twenty from New York. Obviously if you are on the west coast getting out to Hawaii is a lot cheaper and faster, so if you are planning on being on the west coast either for business or pleasure you may want to plan your flights to Hawaii around this. In addition the only airline that offers non stop flights from New York to Hawaii is Continental, which departs out of Newark, New Jersey. United Airlines offers flights from San Francisco to Honolulu. If you have a preference in airlines, search around to see what flights to Hawaii are offered by you airline of choice. Some, but not all, airlines offering flights to Hawaii include: United, Continental, American, Northwest, Hawaiian Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. If you plan to depart from Canada you can chose from Air Canada, West Jet, and Air Pacific. All three of the previously listed airlines depart from Vancouver. The flight time from Vancouver is about five hours and thirty minutes and costs around four hundred eighty dollars Canadian. Flights from Montreal and Toronto require that you make a connection in Vancouver first. Because the flight to Hawaii is so long you probably want to make sure that you pack a good book for the trip, or maybe even a nice MP3 player. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight knowing that when you set down on the islands you will be in a tropical paradise that not everyone gets to enjoy. If you do your research properly, you to can enjoy a fun trip to this island paradise. Flights to Hawaii are easy to find if you take your time and do your research.