What Is In A Home Theater Store?

It is just amazing what you can find in a home theater store. You can spend anywhere from $10.00 to up to $50,000.00 in any number of home theater stores. A home theater store basically sells home theater equipment along with the design and installation of the equipment. Most of these stores have to have the latest in video display technology to even stay in business. The way video technology changes at such a fast pace these businesses have to be very large and employ good people in order to stay in the business. A home theater store will carry projectors, televisions, display screens, LCD flat panels and the best audio brands available. They will also carry a wide variety of home theater furniture solutions, whether custom designs or pre-made.

Display And Audio

In the majority of home theater stores the video display technology is focused on plasma and LCD flat panels, overhead projectors and rear projection LCD and DLP televisions. They will design systems including a single display or a whole house video distribution system. The best rear projections manufacturers are Mitsubishi Diamond and Samsung. The front projection is led by Mitsubishi and Sim2 and the plasma is led by Mitsubishi Diamond, Pioneer Elite and Samsung.

The majority of home theater stores will specialize in two channel, full 5.1 and 7.1 surround systems and whole house audio distribution. They should have in their warehouse plenty of preamps and amps, receivers, source components, speakers, subwoofers and surround systems. Any of the following brands will have quality sound equipment; Rel, Vienna Acoustics, Sonus Faber, Martin Logan, Klipsch, Anthem, Arcam, Nad, Pioneer Elite, Yamaha and Paradigm. Do your homework and check which manufacturer will best suit your needs and price range and then check with the home theater store to be sure that they carry that brand.


A home theater store would not be complete without a vast furniture inventory. Stadium seating and overstuffed chairs and sofas are all integral to home theater design. There are now hundreds of manufacturers who specialize in home theater furniture. Cabinetry for the electronics is always needed and sometimes bars or small kitchen areas need to be designed. Home theater designers are an entity unto themselves, although a good Interior Designer can design a very good home theater for you as well. All of these services and furniture pieces can be found in a home theater store. It is definitely one stop shopping if a home theater is what you are interested in purchasing.