Internet Marketing Tools

Once you start running websites from home, you'll notice alot of advertisements on webmaster forums concerning internet marketing tools and software.
For the most part you won't need but a few of these tools. They exist to make your life easier however I've found that some actually make it more difficult!

So which tools DO you need?

SEO Software
The best SEO software I've found is SEO Elite. This software will take care of many search engine optimization related tasks for you and is an excellent tool.

Keyword Software
There are many choices here. I like Keyword Elite as you can easily generate keyword lists with thousands of keywords. There are also some cool Adwords functions there.
Another choice is Keyword Discovery which costs you a monthly fee, as does Wordtracker and Nichebot.

I do advise that you choose one good keyword tool to use and stick with it. Any of the above are great choices.

Other Software Tools
There are a few other software pieces which will make your internet marketing life easier.

Article Architect
This tool allows you to track all your articles. It's great if you write or publish alot of articles as you can reference when they were written and even what commissions you have earned from them.

Niche Empire Generator
This online tool allows you to easily create a lot of Wordpress blog. This is handy if you are not too familiar with Wordpress and/or want a central place to control all your blogs. They charge a one off fee only, no monthly charge.

These are just a few of the internet marketing tools that I enjoy using. I will be reviewing other tools on this site in more detail later so make sure you check back for updates!