Beginner Jogging - Tips And Advice

There are many reasons people decide to start jogging. Some may be training for some athletic event or they may just need to lose some weight. Beginner jogging should always be done with caution and care if you want to prevent injury. If you are out of shape physically, beginner jogging should be done slowly and with graduated increments.

The first thing you should start doing is get on a regular walking schedule. If you are not accustomed to walking on a regular basis then you should not try jogging. Jogging increases stress to the body and joints so walking can help condition your body and prepare you for jogging. After you are comfortable walking for two or three miles you will then be ready for beginner jogging.

When you get ready for beginner jogging you need to gradually increase your speed. You can do this during your walking schedule. Each week you can start walking a little faster than the week before. Give yourself time at each speed to get comfortable with it. You might also consider fast walking and alternating it with jogging for a few minutes to help build up your strength and stamina.

Questions and Answers for Beginner Jogging

Question: Should distance be a factor? Answer: You should jog as far as you can and still feel comfortable. You should not have abdominal pain and you should stay within your target heart range. You can always pick up some distance after you get more experience.

Question: How about speed? Answer: Here again you should stay in your target heart range and gradually build up your speed. You should be able to breath comfortably without huffing. You can listen to your body to determine if you are trying to jog too fast because you will not be able to carry on a conversation without difficulty.

Question: Should I try to jog every day? Answer: It is probably best if you try an alternating schedule of jogging one day and doing muscle tone the next day. Muscles need a day of rest in between jogging sessions. Beginner jogging should probably only be done about three days a week. You can always pick up a day or two later on when you are better conditioned.

Beginner jogging can be a great way to get started toward better health. Physical fitness is an important part of leading a healthy life. Jogging can help you strengthen your heart as well as help you lose weight but it must be done slowly. It is much better to start out walking before attempting to jog, especially if you are overweight.