Getting Your Life Coaching Degree

Getting Your Life Coaching Degree

Getting your life coaching degree is easy because there is no such thing. However if you feel the need to get a life coaching degree you can go through one of the three existing certification bodies in the world and get certified as a life coach. Even that is a little iffy because they are private organizations that have no ties to government regulations at all but if you really want a life coaching degree then that is how you can get one.

To be honest you may be better off getting a degree in one of the strengths you need to be a good life coach before you spend time looking for a life coaching degree. If there as a life coaching degree it would consist of different parts of sociology, psychology, career counseling, and a variety of other social service counseling type of disciplines. What you would really need if you wanted a life coaching degree is to learn how to motivate people to achieve their goals and also what different mentoring tactics are effective in helping people to reach those goals. Life coaching is mentoring and that is what a life coaching degree would be if one existed.

Your are Now Certified

There are three private organizations that certify life coaches in the world today. The first is the International Coach Federation which tries to sound official by calling itself the ICF. Basically the ICF offers certification programs for coaches and tries to help open up new avenues of education and experience gathering for coaches. The ICF also keeps a database of the coaches they certify and right now that list is over 11,500 members spanning 80 countries.

The next certification organization is the International Association of Coaches and they call themselves the IAC for short. The IAC apparently does pretty much the same thing the ICF does and for about the same amount of money which is a lot. It costs almost $400 to get certified as a life coach by the IAC and it is not known if the ICF is an IAC certified organization or vice versa.

The last certification organization for life coaches is the European Coaching Institute and they call themselves the ECI. The ECI does the same thing that the IAC and ICF do in the United States but the ECI does it in Europe.

Irrespective of which organization you choose, going the other route of getting certification in a related filed like finance or psychology can be more rewarding.