How Does One Go About Finding a Life Coach?

How Does One Go About Finding a Life Coach?

Let's say, for the sake of discussion, that you really think you need help finding a life coach. Finding a life coach is pretty easy actually. All you need in finding a life coach is a computer and the internet.

The first place to start in finding a life coach is to go through the lists of one of the three regulating bodies of the life coaching industry. First there is the International Coaching Federation, then there is the International Association of Coaching, and finally there is the European Coaching Institute which would probably do you no good in finding a life coach in Kansas City. Missouri or Kansas it makes no difference, the Europeans will be no help in finding you a life coach in Kansas City.

Finding a good life coach is a whole different tomato all together. All three of the associations that are set up to certify life coaches are private organizations and they have no government guidelines to follow at all. So I guess you could say that the life coach market is a free for all and finding a good life coach will be quite a challenge. All you really have to go on is the recommendations of clients of the life coach you are considering and that may not be very helpful as those are easily manipulated as well. In order to really find a good life coach you are just going to have to either find one that a trusted friend has used or keep going through life coaches until you find one you like.

Put Me in Coach

Some people need guidance in their life and in that way a life coach can be a trusted friend that helps you through the tougher times in your life like a divorce or a job transition. Of course the life coach will be a trusted friend that you pay to be your trusted friend and that could potentially cause problems that you would need a therapist for later but that will be later. A life coach is not to be confused with a therapist but you may want to start with a therapist before you move on to a life coach.

If you feel you need a life coach then obviously you either feel that something is missing in your life or you are going through a difficult time. In any of these circumstances it may be best to see a therapist first and lay the ground work for the help you need. Your therapist may be able to help you find a life coach that can be there for you and help you effect the changes that the therapist recommends but keep in mind that a life coach is not a therapist.

Think of a life coach like a football coaching staff. The head coach is the therapist. What the head coach says is what goes in all situations. The life coach is like the offensive coordinator. The life coach helps to execute the head coach's game plan but the coordinator cannot make any changes without having the players check with the head coach first. You are the players. See how that works? Confused? Well good; that means you are ready for a life coach!