Selecting the Right Personal Life Coach is the First Wise Choice

Selecting the Right Personal Life Coach is the First Wise Choice

We are the choices we make. For example, sometimes we experience "buyer's remorse" when we regret past purchases that we have made. This can result in great financial loses when we try to resell the item.

In another instance, perhaps we invested in a start-up company that seemed to have potential, based on a seemingly unimportant characteristic - such as a catchy name. Later, when the company succeeded, we become wealthier than we could have ever imagined. Selecting a personal life coach can feasibly result in choosing the wrong one for us. However, by taking certain steps, we can select the best Life Coach for us!

Coach Boomer

The history of the personal life coach is quite short, but is booming already. Both the demand for, and supply of, qualified Life Coaches has expanded quickly. This phenomenon is due to an increasing number of people who find working with a personal life coach to be extremely beneficial.

Find an Instructor Not an Impostor

Nonetheless, some drawbacks to this situation are beginning to emerge. For instance, various charlatans refer to themselves as Life Coaches, without having any significant experience or skills in the field. Thus, to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with the coaching you receive from a personal life coach, consider the following suggestions:

Select a personal life coach with ample experience. Learn how long they have been coaching, and whether in a part-time or full-time position. Also, if you are looking for a specialized Life Coach, such as a Career Coach, Sales Coach, or Executive Coach, verify that the candidate Life Coach has sufficient experience in that niche

Verify that the personal life coach has finished advanced training and has earned certification at least one institution that the International Coach Federation (ICF) recognizes. This will allow you to distinguish which Life Coaching schools are beneficial, and which are as valuable as a cat in pajamas.

Talk to several coaches and locate one that you seem to connect with. Find out if the person listens well and fully comprehends your objectives.

Request that candidate Life Coaches explain precisely the services they can offer, and the bottom line for those services. Furthermore, learn about what type of commitment that candidate personal life coach requests. It is wise to avoid Life Coaches who require advance payment for long-term programs.

Select someone who is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). ICF governs professional Life Coaches, so professional ethics and practice rules preside over members of that particular group.

Choosing an unskilled or inexperienced personal life coach will not result in the end of the world. However the pool of quality Life Coaches is growing. Therefore, with some effort you can make the choice that will help you to dive into a world that makes your dreams become reality!