Life Coaching Jobs - Sessions, Books and More

Life Coaching Jobs - Sessions, Books and More

If you are looking for life coaching jobs you might find that you don't meet with much success by looking in the usual places. Unless you are lucky enough to discover a life coaching practice that is looking to take on a new life coach, the chances are you won't find any life coaching jobs at all.

There is a very good reason for this - most life coaches are self employed and they set up on their own to help people make the best of their lives. This means that life coaching jobs are created by the very people who want them - and if you're one of them you will need to possess a wide range of skills quite apart from life coaching itself.

Have You Got The Business Skills That Life Coaching Jobs Require?

Being self employed means you will need to be able to keep your own records - how much you are earning, what your overheads are, what kind of insurance you have and much more. You will need to do your own taxes, so even if you are the best life coach the world has ever seen, your business will suffer if you don't have a good business brain on your shoulders.

There are also distinct advantages to life coaching jobs however. Your time is your own to organise, so you can fit clients in around your own lifestyle choices. Indeed, doing this successfully makes you an extremely good role model for people that come to see you to improve their own lives. You won't be a very successful life coach if you are disorganised and always appear to be rushing round trying to fit everything in. Always make sure your own life is in order and that you can fit your career in around your personal requirements.

As you gain experience in taking on life coaching jobs, you will find that many other paths and opportunities open up to you. You might decide to use your vast experience to create a number of online coaching courses so that you can reach more clients and earn a second income. Once these are written you can earn a nice residual income from them each and every month.

And who knows, you may eventually publish some of your life coaching jobs experience in a book, and enjoy the feeling of seeing your name on the cover. There are plenty of opportunities to be had working as a life coach - you just need to be able to take the steps towards them.