How to Attain Life Coach Certification

How to Attain Life Coach Certification

Unlike many professions, life coaching is not yet recognised or controlled by a set of rigid guidelines that have to be adhered to by anyone entering or practising the profession. At the present time you are not required to have any kind of certification to be a life coach. However with that said, life coach certification is possible and will enhance your reputation as a life coach while you build and nurture your business.

There are many courses floating around that offer life coach certification as a reward for successful completion of your training, but it is a distinct advantage if you can find a course which is approved by the ICF - the International Coach Federation. This organisation is the benchmark for every development and advancement in the world of coaching; if a coaching course is approved by them, you know it will be one of the best you can study. They often accredit suitable courses at all levels of difficulty, and these will be the most likely to lead to a life coach certification.

Take Time to Find a Suitable Course

If you are looking for a study course in life coaching, it's worthwhile to spend some time searching the internet to see what companies are out there, and what kind of courses they offer. You will need to consider your current level of knowledge to know what course would be best for you, as there are courses which are intended to provide life coach certification to coaches who already have some experience of the profession, and want to develop that knowledge.

There are plenty of home study courses that will result in a life coach certification at the end. Consider which way you find it easiest to learn, as some courses are purely available in download format, whereas others will mail out CDs, books and pamphlets to help you with your studies.

It might seem as if studying to get a life coach certification is pointless if it isn't actually recognised as a professional qualification. However being able to prove that you have studied a course that has been approved by the ICF - the biggest organisation in the world related to coaching - can make all the difference when it comes to attracting and winning new clients.

Remember that paying for a course that leads to a life coach certification is an investment in your own future - so it really is money worth paying.