What It Takes To Become A Certified Life Coach

What It Takes To Become A Certified Life Coach

One of the better ways of achieving success in life is through taking life coaching and for this there is a need for getting coached from a certified life coach who should be able to solve your problems for you including helping with sticky personal relationships and coming out of stressed life within a family atmosphere and thus letting the client find a suitable means to free him or her from whatever these problems are. However, as of now, there is no regulation governing that certified life coach must in fact have certification before being able to practice though there are certain states in the US that are planning on regulating the life coaching profession.

International Coach Federation

If you wish to become a certified life coach, there are a number of options available to you in this regard and perhaps a good starting off point is to get a certificate from the International Coach Federation who may not actually provide coaching, but still offer certification though you must already have worked for a minimum of two hundred and fifty hours in paid coaching and have had an additional sixty hours of training to qualify for sitting for their examination.

Or, if you already are trained as a life coach, you may try for becoming a certified life coach through Coachville certification where there is no set requirement for a person's formal as well as informal qualifications with regard to their previous training. All that is required is that you pass their criteria for desirable skills and it is up to you which type of training you wish to undergo and you also have the choice of deciding when to take the examination. There are certain benefits to becoming certified life coach from Coachville since you will get your CV accredited and also get accreditation from IAC though you need to spend eighteen months before you will have completed the requirements for certification.

The other requirements that will enable you to become a certified life coach are that you should have completed the training, and in this regard, any workshops that you have attended will count towards minimum time spent requirements, and these include having attended workshops such as Pathway of Change, Wheels, Change Your Life in 30 days and also The Art of being CFLC recorded class attendee.

Thus, as long as you meet the minimum criteria, there is no reason why you cannot become a certified life coach after having completed the minimum level of training required. Once you do become a certified life coach, you will be in a position to guide others through a process that has been clinically proven which will help the client change his or her subconscious so that they are able to achieve their conscious goals.