Intriguing Life Coaching Statistics You May Not Know

Intriguing Life Coaching Statistics You May Not Know

While life coaching is still a relatively new field, it has been around long enough for us to glean a proper insight into how well it is helping people to make positive changes in their lives.

More and more people are starting to seek the help of a life coach to help them through tough and challenging periods in their lives, and when you look at the life coaching statistics that are available, you can see that for the most part they are getting their money's worth and receiving the help they need.

Who Uses the Services of a Life Coach?

Perhaps not surprisingly, life coaching statistics state that over two thirds of the people who turn to a life coach to help them improve their lives are women. This is probably to be expected, as it's commonly known that women are more likely to seek help to solve their problems than men are.

It's also a fact that many people who decide to see a life coach are in their early 40s when they make this decision. Could this be evidence of the mid-life crisis that is supposed to hit us when we reach this age? If it is, at least many of us are sensible enough to seek help to overcome the feelings and life changes that can happen around this time.

How Do People See a Life Coach?

When we think of any kind of life coach, we tend to imagine a similar scenario to seeing a psychiatrist - lying on a couch while they ask questions about why we feel a certain way. In reality this isn't always the case. According to life coaching statistics, a whopping 95 per cent of life coaching sessions take place on the telephone, rather than in person. This does fit in with the main reason that people seek the help of a life coach in the first place, however - life coaching statistics say that it's the thorny issue of wanting to manage our time better. It never seems as if we have enough hours in the day and a life coach can help us to see what tasks are necessary and what ones aren't, thus freeing up a lot more time.

Life coaching statistics also reveal that a hefty two-thirds of people who see a coach find they are more self aware after having done so. This is probably the best outcome you could have from a life coaching session, as it can benefit you in so many different ways.