Sex And Money As The Most Critical Marriage Problems

Marriage is nothing like you envisage it when you are in love. It takes a lot of effort, compromise and selflessness to make a marriage work. At the same time, you should be able to draw a line when the compromise comes only from your side and you should be able to disentangle yourself emotionally when such extreme scenarios pop up. It is hard to have a happy marriage as those who are happily would heartily agree.

What Are The Most Important Marriage Problems?

There are many, many, many problems that you would find in a marriage and most of these start from day one. Things like whether you should have the windows open at night or have the air conditioner on; whether the toilet seat should be left closed or open; who uses the bathroom first, and so on. You will find that these are some of the most acidic irritants in your marital life.

On a more serious scale most marriage problems start from differences about sex and money. Sex is a topic that few are comfortable with, leave alone feeling free to discuss it. However, without open communication about sex, marriages soon become a battle field.

Sex As The Root Of Marriage Problems

What happens is that the each one might want things done differently to achieve sexual satisfaction while making love. If these preferences remain hidden sex would not satisfy them and therefore it would be gradually avoided. When sexual intimacy becomes secondary in married life, this is a sign of serious trouble. Therefore, couples need to communicate with each other and express what makes them happy during love making. It is very important that the couple is satisfied with each other in the bedroom.

Money As The Root Of Marriage Problems

The other major problem in a marriage is the understanding reached on how to spend money. If there is one person earning the issue could become even touchier. So, in order to avoid some serious marriage problems you would need to come together and set very clear parameters about how and where money should be spent. Whenever investments or major purchases are planned a family meeting is a must. Both spouses should be equally involved in such decisions.

Though sex and money are often the most critical problems encountered in any marriage, you would not find these topics as a hot priority for discussion among couples. Unless there is an open and clear dialogue on these two topics in particular, no marriage can be considered safe.