Performing arts: which category are you in

Any art forms that use the artist's personal presence, face and body as the main medium refer to as performing arts.

Performing arts may also encompass circus arts, theater, film, opera, music, magic, dance, comedy and acrobatics. Stagecraft and songwriting experts also support the performing arts. Artists who join in these various arts category perform in front of a crowd, and they are dubbed as performers. They include the singers, musicians, dancers, comedians and actors. Performers frequently adjust their appearance through stage make up and costume application.

Performance art is also a specific fine art form where artists perform to a crowd. Most of the performance art engages several plastic art forms, probably in the various forms of props.

The General Types of Performing Arts

In general, there are three variations of performing arts and they are classified as music, dance and theater.

Music - this is a scholastic discipline which largely focuses on career paths like music education or music teacher training and music performance or concert hall and orchestra focus. Music students will learn playing various instruments and also studies composition, music history and theory. In the tradition of liberal arts, music has been used to widen skills of non-musicians through learning the listening and concentration skills.

Dance - dance, in general, means human movement that is either utilized as forms of expressions or performance, spiritual or social setting presentation. Dance also refers to non-verbal communication methods among animals or humans as well in inanimate object motions and musical genres or forms.

The art of dance making pertains to choreography. The person doing this is named as the choreographer. Descriptions of what comprises dance vary on moral, artistic, cultural or social constraints and it range from codified, virtuoso strategies to functional movements like ballet. In the field of sports, synchronized swimming, figure skating and gymnastics are among the dance disciplines.

Theater - this is one performing arts branch that is concerned with stories that are acted out after an audience. This uses the combination of spectacle, sound, dance, music, gesture, and speech, thereby any or most performing arts elements. Additionally, theaters take in the forms of pantomime, mummers' plays, kabuki, mime, illusion, ballet, opera, Chinese opera and conventional Indian dance.

In the present day, performing arts have penetrated and interest many people from all parts of the world. Different performing arts schools and institutions are established to cater the needs of the potentials and the enthusiasts.