Comparing Time Management Systems

When deciding on a time management system for your everyday use, it is important to be realistic about how disciplined you are and select the time management system that will not be too complicated or inaccessible to use.

Basic Time Management System - Pen And Paper

The old fashioned paper journal page will never go out of fashion. Its portability and accessibility are unsurpassed. A daily planner will never run out of battery power; it will never fail to start or be out of wireless range. You will never suffer a disk or memory error. The downside of using a day planner is that it doesn't sync automatically with the calendar on your PC. If you don't use a PC to plan your schedule, that is no big deal - until you lose your day planner and don't have a backup. Many of us prefer a time management system that is portable and syncs with the calendar software on our PC.

Time Management System Device - Personal Digital Assistant

Whether you are using a Palm or a BlackBerry, a personal digital assistant, or PDA, is the device of choice for most individuals today to keep track of their time. If you remember to use your docking station, you will enjoy years of use without running out of battery power, and your schedule will always be automatically synced to your PC schedule. The downside of using a PDA is, of course, the risk of data loss between syncs. Furthermore, many people find that it takes them longer to enter appointments in a PDA than to write it on a paper calendar page, but the upside is that they can always read their "writing" in their PDA. This could change soon, as handwriting technologies advance.

Time Management System Software

Time tracking software is the time management system of choice for anyone who earns their living by hourly billing. Time management software often includes a billing module so that hourly timekeepers can use one software application for time tracking, invoicing, budgeting, and other accounting functions.

Time Management System - Low Tech Reminders

Have you ever heard of someone tying a string around their finger as a way to remember something? Don't laugh; a visual reminder of something you need to do can be a powerful time management system. For instance, if you remember to pack your lunch every day, but you forget to bring it to work with you, write yourself a large note on bright neon colored paper that says, "Did you remember your lunch today?" and tape it to the inside of the visor of your car. When you arrive at home, get in the habit of putting your visor down. When you get in the car in the morning, you can't help but notice the note, and it will remind you of your lunch if you have forgotten it.

Implementing simple time management systems is an effective way to become more efficient and organized.