Hats are the new fashion accessory

Gone are the days when hats were only worn to go to church or by an older generation. Fashion goes around in cycles and the hats of the 60's are now big news this season.

Everywhere you look women of all ages are wearing hats. No more are hats being worn out of necessity but because women have fallen in love with the various shapes, color and fabrics of hats. Gone is the need to wear a hat in winter to protect your head, but now you wear a hat to make a fashion statement.

Many women look forward to being invited to a wedding because they have been looking for an excuse to buy a hat. Many of these hats are quite costly, but as hats have become more fashionable then the prices of them have been reduced.

As you plan your closet for the winter, and you consider all your accessories like scarves, handbags, belts, and gloves now is the time to also consider hats. Take your time and look at the various shapes and color hats on the market.

If this is your first time buying a hat, take a friend with you but also find a shop that can give you some good advice. There is no point in buying a hat that doesn't compliment your shape of face, and also enhances your whole outfit.

When buying a hat you really do need to consider the type of occasion that you want to wear it. In some countries it isn't uncommon to see women wearing hats to go shopping that in other countries would be seen only at weddings or at the races. It is strange to see a hat like that being worn with a pair of jeans. But if you take care the result can be stunning.

Don't make the mistake of trying on a hat without considering how you will wear your hair with the hat. Are you about to change your hairstyle, wait before buying a hat? If you are going to wear your hair off your face then don't have your hair hanging over your face when trying on a hat. How you wear your hair can make a big difference to the effect of the hat.

Shop wisely and you will find that you can find many different hats which will complement your clothes. By changing your hat people will think you have a brand new outfit. A hat is far cheaper to buy than a whole new outfit, try one this season. You never know you might fall in love with wearing a hat and will be known by the outrageous hats you are wearing.