Car GPS Navigation Systems: Which Will Work for You?

Car GPS navigation systems seem to be everywhere you look these days. Many car companies are even including them in their models as a bonus for consumers. These state of the art systems allow consumers to receive up to the minute directions and locations for businesses and places in almost every city imaginable.

Car GPS navigation systems are no longer just a trendy gadget, but have become a product that could one day replace the traditional map. The car GPS navigation systems are certainly more easy to use than a map, and no folding is required.

Different Car GPS Navigation Systems

Some car GPS navigation systems use maps that need to be downloaded first onto a computer and then onto the car GPS navigation system itself. These maps are up to date and appear on the car GPS navigation systems wide screen as very clear and easy to read.

There are also car GPS navigation systems that use Bluetooth connections to get up to the minute directions. These system use satellites and a GPS receiver to accurately find where a person is and then transmit information on their location and where they need to go. This type of technology needs to have a connection with nearby Wi-fi in order to send and receive a signal.

One brand of car GPS navigation systems that has several different devices at a range of costs is the brand Garmin. These systems use both Bluetooth and downloadable maps and have devices with verbal instructions as well as displaying maps. This is a top choice for many consumers and has a solid reputation as a good product.

TomTom is another brand that many consumers are familiar with. This car GPS navigation system gives consumers a sleek portable device that is attractive and useful. The maps are displayed on a wide screen that is easy to view. Again, consumers have selected this brand as a reliable one.

Magellan is another brand that is well known to consumers. Again, this device is small and easy to use and accurate. It is voice activated and gives information back verbally telling the driver where and when to turn which is a nice feature as the driver doesn't need to take their eyes from the road.

Car GPS navigation systems are becoming more and more common for consumers. These products will continue to develop and change in order to meet the needs of consumers, and will one day replace maps in every car.