Used GPS Equipment Sales For Contractors And Surveyors

Finding GPS equipment sales for your contract or surveying business is not like trying to find sales for your car dashboard or for your person. If you have ever had a handheld GPS device, you know how cranky it can be - and sometimes how wrong they can be. Every day, you hear about somebody's GPS watch or GPS car unit that gave blatantly wrong directions. You can't afford that in your business.

Why Used Gadgets?

Although you could look for new GPS equipment sales, why should you? The massive sturdiness of a used Trimble GPS will be like buying a used tank. Sure, you could splurge for the new tank, but if you want to get the job done of scaring the crap out of people, you can do that just as effectively with an old tank as with a new one.

Besides, there is a lot of demand for used GPS equipment because of the recession (sadly). This means more of the venders and suppliers you buy from will have more of an incentive to offer used GPS equipment sales specifically for contractors and surveyors. And many of the same places that offer used GPS equipment will also offer rentals.

If you want to upgrade your GPS gadgets for your business, you should also check to see if places offering used GPS equipment sales will take a trade in for your older stuff as credit for new stuff (or a better class of used stuff). Trade-ins are one way suppliers can offer used GPS equipment sales.

Martin Instrument

One of the suppliers offering used GPS equipment for surveyors year round is Martin Instrument. They also take trade-ins and offer equipment for rental. Their used but hard working line up of equipment includes radios, GPS units, data collectors and total stations. They offer Trimble brand equipment, which is one of the more solid investments you can make in these turbulent financial times. And Trimble parts are easy to get a hold of.

And, after buying or renting your used Trimble GPS equipment, you might want to know how to operate it. Martin Instrument also offers three training courses and $250 (US) per person per day. These courses are "Applying GPS Technology in the Land Surveying Profession", "Trimble Certified Post-Processed GPS" and "Trimble Certified Real Time GPS". You actually have to show up at Martin Instrument in San Antonio, Texas to take advantage of these courses.