Navigating Magellan GPS Accessories

Sometimes, it seems amazing that the human race survived for so long without GPS technology. But, ancestors be praised, GPS technology is here and we can benefit. However, we might need to pray to our ancestors for guidance in how to find the right GPS gadgets for our lives. One thing you can do is stick to a respected brand name in GPS technology like Magellan. GPS accessories might seem like tricky waters, but you will be able to navigate them.

Secure Digital Expansion Memory Cards

GPS units are just like any other hand-held electronic device. They tend to need cards to be fed to them in order for them to work at their best. After you get your Magellan GPS unit, then you'll need to pursue the most sought after Magellan GPS accessories - their memory cards. Sometimes known as the SD Card, it's better known as Secure Digital Expansion Memory Cards.

These Magellan GPS accessories rely on MapSend software. You usually find that's already in your Magellan GPS unit, but you should check, just in case. These cards are not that impressive to look at - they only are about the size of a postage stamp and weigh a whopping two grams.

However, these tiny Magellan GPS accessories can add loads more storage room on your GPS unit, add the latest security features and uses only a little of your battery juice. They help your GPS download information faster in even drastic weather conditions. If you are going to be using your Magellan GPS unit heavily, you should get SD cards.


Your Magellan GPS unit can only work if it gets information from the satellite it uses. Unfortunately, that's not always easy. Having an antenna greatly boosts your chances of getting in contact with the all-important satellite. And these Magellan GPS accessories are light and easily transportable. They're not as small as an SD memory card, so there's less chance of loosing them.

These antennas don't look like traditional radio antennas. They usually consist of a small doohickey that looks a lot like a small computer mouse attached to cable. This makes them quite flexible as well as portable. And they are water resistant. These Magellan GPS accessories usually run about $50 (US). An antenna just for a car would cost less.

Other Magellan GPS accessories that are more fun than necessary for your GPS unit. These include carrying case holders, cradles, mounting brackets, software, maps and extra cables.