Using Golf GPS to Your Advantage

Using a golf GPS system while you play can benefit you in many ways. It may sound like one of those unnecessary gadgets that are designed to make you lazy. In fact it is something that will make playing golf easier and could cut down on unnecessary time spent looking for your ball in the rough.

There are many different types of golf GPS systems that you can choose from. You can decide on which type to buy depending on what you want from your GPS system and what your game needs. Some courses have even started to offer these systems to players. These systems are best used on courses without too much tree cover, as a GPS system needs to receive unobstructed views of the sky to work optimally.

Finding That Ball

Have you ever wished that your golf ball had a tracking device on it? Now it can. There are golf GPS systems that work in tandem with a specially designed golf ball so that you don't waste time looking for a lost ball. Your golf ball has a radio frequency tag that will allow a handheld device to track it down. This is great if you play on a course that has a particularly unforgiving rough.

Judging Distances

If you want to get really technical with your golf GPS system then there is always the golf GPS system that will allow you to judge distances. This system will tell you the distance from where you are playing your ball to the green.

This is a handy device if you have a tendency to drive too far or alternately don't hit your balls far enough. Some systems will also help you keep score, a great alternative to writing down your scores manually, also this way no one playing with you can cheat!

There are even golf GPS systems that will advise you on what clubs to use. These systems also have a voice feature that will tell you the distances between holes. This way you don't have to keep taking your device off your belt to consult it.

Many systems also help you to track your scores and this way you can improve your game. Compare scores on different games and holes by using your hand held device. The device can even analyze your game and show you things that you never thought of. If you already have a PDA you can add a golf GPS system to it.