GPS Tracking Watches For Alzheimer's Patients

One in every eight baby boomers is expected to develop Alzheimer's disease, according to the Alzheimer's Association. One of the worries of Alzheimer's is that the patient can just wander off, get lost and die or either an accident, exposure, or of not knowing how to cope normally. Every day, there seems to be another warning of a lost Alzheimer's patient in the news. One way to help the Alzheimer's patients is through the use of GPS tracking watches.

Why Not A Cell Phone?

Although cell phones with GPS capabilities are usually cheaper than GPS tracking watches, they can be lost all too easily by anyone, whether they have Alzheimer's or not. You really need a watch or bracelet or something else attached to the body in order to minimize the risk of loosing the potentially life-saving device.

GPS tracking watches are quite attractive, looking more like digital watches than tracking devices. One of the reasons you do not want an ostentatious GPS tracking watch - but one that looks like a mere watch - is to discourage thieves. GPS tracking watches often include an SOS button or emergency button when you need help. When you press it, stay where you are and emergency services should be on their way.

GPS technology is one of the few technologies that are getting smaller, more efficient as well as getting cheaper. Although GPS tracking watches can be used for today's Alzheimer patient's, it is believed that they will go down in price even further in the nest couple of years. The current cost of a GPS tracking watch is certainly less for emergency services to recover and care for a lost Alzheimer's patient.


There are many places that sell GPS tracking watches, which makes the prices even more affordable with the competition. When you are shopping for a GPS tracking watch, don't just check out computer stores and GPS equipment outlets. You could also check places like survivalist equipment web sites and sporting goods stores.

Sporting goods stores and their websites are one of the places to get a great variety on all kinds of GPS tracking equipment, not just watches. Since sporting goods stores cater to people who normally get lost in the course of their jobs or hobbies - hunters, fishers, birders, hikers, campers and boaters - they will feature GPS equipment that is small, light and can take a few knocks.

Although having a loved one contract Alzheimer's is a scary thought in and of itself, having a GPS tracking watch on them can help make them safer.