The Ethics Of Using Handheld GPS Hunting Equipment

There are many reasons why animal lovers and conservationists should take advantage of handheld GPS hunting equipment, even though it was originally designed for sport hunters. In the fight for animal rights and the everyday battles of not getting lost when checking a remote animal out, animal lovers need all of the help they can get.

Isn't It Funding Sport Hunting?

There is a good argument against buying ANYTHING from hunting supply stores and websites, even for handheld GPS hunting units. However, it's not always sport hunters that use sport hunting equipment. Law enforcement personnel, mountain rescue volunteers as well as avid non-hunters still find that's what good for the goose is good for the gander so to speak.

You could also write to the makers of your handheld GPS hunting equipment to let the makers know what you are doing with their product. This actually helps them save a bundle in research and development. Many businesses are fighting to stay alive, and will change tactics and target audiences if that's what people are spending their money on. If they find that their customer base do not want anything to do with rifles or bow hunting, then you might see them develop more goods for you and less for sport hunters.

Alternatives To Hunting Supply Stores

Although handheld GPS hunting equipment can be found in stores catered for sport hunters and fishermen, they are not the only places that sell these incredibly useful devices. Internet giant is one place where you can find just about any GPS equipment, including handheld GPS hunting devices.

You could also focus your search on GPS, electronics and "techie" websites, which are in the business of selling GPS and computer related electronics and does not have any stance on sport hunting. Just keep in mind that these handheld GPS hunting devices may have features you will not need, like a fishing calculator. But you can ignore them and use the rest of the features available.

These devices tend to use more than one satellite in order to get a signal, which greatly helps your GPS unit to work. They also can give you information on the weather, wind speeds and sunrise times. This can definitely help for birders. Many also feature log trackers, which help you retrace your route. If you are looking for a lost pet or child in the woods, this is a great time saver.