Why a GPS PDA is the Way to Go

Are you one of those people who gets lost easily? Hate looking at maps? Can never remember the way to somewhere even if you've been there before? Then you may have considered a GPS system. There are now a number of GPS systems that will allow you to find your way to just about anywhere.

Buying a GPS PDA is a good solution to this problem. It has an edge over conventional GPS systems and also some downfalls. Overall a GPS PDA is a good way to have a device that will help direct you and still perform other functions. It is even easier to use than an ordinary GPS system.

Is it Worth it?

Buying a GPS PDA is by no means cheap; it will probably cost more than your cell phone. If you are primarily buying a GPS PDA for its GPS system then you are probably feeling like this is not worth it. The truth is that this is a purely subjective matter. Think about how much you need to use your GPS system. If the answer is quite a lot then this is a worthwhile system to invest in.

Another good thing about buying a GPS PDA is that you can update the GPS feature; something harder or impossible to do with a regular GPS system. With a GPS PDA you can buy new software for a relatively reasonable price without having to purchase a whole new system. Plus you can use the other features that come with the PDA. If you have a hectic lifestyle and feel that you have too many gadgets then this is one way of reducing that problem.

The Disadvantage

This type of GPS system does have a disadvantage that is unique to the GPS PDA. It has a comparably shorter lifespan than a conventional GPS system. Your GPS PDA will need recharging if you are using it for long trips and this is something that you don't want to deal with on a long road trip.

This problem is however easily overcome. You can buy an external charger that will keep your PDA charged while you are driving long distances. These chargers usually have some kind of adaptor that will allow you to keep it plugged into your car. This way you don't have to worry about finding an outlet while driving. External chargers are also pretty inexpensive; you can find new ones online for very low prices.