GPS Comparison Helps Make Right Purchasing Decision

When looking to buy your first global positioning system for navigation, your will want to make sure it has the features you will use the most and conducting a GPS comparison of the different available units will help you make the best buying decision. One of the common mistakes people make when considering a purchase is basing their GPS comparison solely on price, without regard to what additional costs may be associated with the purchase of a lower priced unit.

When doing a GPS comparison there are certain things you should look at. Most of today's GPS units have a color display and the larger the screen the more expensive the unit will be. However, big is not always better if the display is difficult to see in bright sunlight. Remember, you are going to install this in your vehicle and there is bound to be light streaming through the windows. When doing the GPS comparison try to view the screen under different lighting conditions as well as make sure the screen is clear from all angles.

Having the maps available for the places you drive the most is an important consideration when performing a GPS comparison among different companies. Many offer regional maps in with the price of their units, but charge extra for street level mapping availability. The price of the unit can quickly go up if you have to constantly buy updates to the most frequently used maps and end up higher than one that includes them with your purchase.

Available Of Mapping And Ease Of Installation Considered

Most GPS units are equipped with a USB port to enable users to download new maps onto their home computer can then install them into their unit. When looking through the GPS comparison you may also find that some rely on integration with a vehicle's compact disk player in order to install new maps. If you are installing one on your own, this may not be feasible and this requirement will make your unit useless.

As with most electronic items, the more features it contains the higher the price will go. When looking at the features outlined in GPS comparisons, consider how badly you might the voice commands to be specific. For example, telling you to turn left in one-quarter mile may be enough for most people, but if you require additional information that would include the name of the street, you can expect to pay a little more.