Tips for a Memorable Shanghai Travel

The city of Shanghai is a dazzling place swirling with fast cultural developments. Since trade restrictions were removed, Shanghai has redefined its image, embracing business, technology and modernism to create a sophisticated city that is filled with innovation and dynamism.

These changes are evident in the city's artistic temples, classy restaurants and modern urban lifestyle. These are the reasons why a lot of people are interested in Shanghai travel. If you are one of these eager visitors to Shanghai, here are some tips for a memorable Shanghai travel:

Shanghai Travel Schedule - For an amazing Shanghai travel it is advisable to avoid the Chinese New Year because the city becomes outrageously busy during this season. The transportation is flooded and different hotels offer big discounts causing tourists to fill in all of the rooms.

Summer is not advisable as well because it is the peak season. The best time for a Shanghai travel is between September and November because the weather is perfect and different art festivals are held.

Documents - If you are planning on a Shanghai travel it is important that you secure your Visa. To obtain a Visa, you can go to the Consulate of China in your country and apply for it. Another way is to go to a travel agency where special applications are relatively fast. Generally, it can be completed overnight.

Tourist Spots - For a memorable Shanghai travel it is recommended that you visit the Great Wall of China or the Forbidden City. There you will learn about the city's treasures, colonial environments, architectural history, homes, museums and shopping streets. The four top tourist spots that you cannot miss like the Bund, Shanghai National Museum, Yu Yuan (the Old Town) and the Huangpu River Cruise.

For a perfect Shanghai travel it is still best to have a tour of the city on your own using a map because this is more adventurous and thrilling. You can take a cab, use the subways or just walk. It all depends on your preference. A typical tourist takes two days to go around the city but to see Shanghai properly, a minimum of 3 days of Shanghai travel is recommended.

If you have limited time for your Shanghai travel you can consider having an organized tour of the city. Organized tours usually have an English-speaking tour guide who educates visitors about the different sights in the city. To know more about different Shanghai tour packages, you can talk to your travel agency for arrangements.