A Rundown Of The Best Anti Virus Software

Popular doesn't always mean the best unless of course your company bases its reputation on being the best at protecting computers from viruses. Here is a list of some of the best anti virus software available to help you decide which may be the best fit for you.

Norton Anti Virus

Probably one of the most popular, and best anti virus software titles on the market, is the Norton Anti Virus offered by Symantec. Symantec makes a habit of fighting viruses and they have one of the most comprehensive libraries of virus removal tools on the market and they offer their updates free to their existing customers. It is a passion to fight viruses and the extra lengths that Symantec will go to in offering their regular updates free of charge to their customers that makes Norton Anti Virus one of the best anti virus software titles available. The Norton name did not become popular by accident, it has taken years to develop the reputation of being one of the top virus fighters in the industry and Symantec takes their job very seriously.

Kaspersky Anti Virus

Kaspersky Labs offers Kaspersky Anti Virus and what makes this one of the best anti virus software titles available is their hourly updates to their virus protection files and their attention to protecting laptops. With the Kaspersky Anti Virus a laptop is protected even if it is not connected to the internet to receive the hourly updates. Kaspersky also scans incoming and outgoing email to detect any malicious code.

McAfee Virus Scan

One of the other big names in virus protection is McAfee and they offer their Virus Scan software as one of the best anti virus software titles available. McAfee offers safe internet surfing by protecting against any possible Trojan viruses or hackers that may be trying to crack into your computer through your internet connection. McAfee also pays extra attention to pop up ads and spyware that may try and load itself on your computer. This is what separates McAfee from many of the other titles and allows it to be considered one of the best anti virus software titles on the market. Spyware is malicious code that can load computer chocking pop up ads, it can take your internet surfing information and send it back to a marketing data collection agency for sale to other internet marketers, or it can steal your personal information. McAfee is one of the best anti virus software titles at fighting annoying and potentially dangerous spyware.