Anti Virus Ratings on the Top Products of the Year

Before you buy any anti virus program it is ideal that you read up on the latest anti virus ratings, so that you can learn about the different products that are presently available and also find out what previous consumers have had to say about them. This way you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each program and what features are offered, and from this make the most intelligent and informed decision.

Norton Anti Virus

One anti virus program that always receives rave anti virus ratings is the Norton Anti Virus program. It is incredibly easy to install and use even if you have little to no computer knowledge and experience, and the interface is logical and easy to understand. The default settings provide excellent protection against all computer threats, so even if you just install it normally and leave it at that your system will be very well protected.

Updates are available for a full year after the initial installation and also when you connect to the Internet the program automatically detects updates and downloads them to keep your security current. This is incredibly important because without the proper updates the program will not be able to protect your computer system from more recent and released threats.

The program offers an array of ideal features, including the ability to scan all file attachments in MSN, AOL and Yahoo applications, and the available Quarantine feature isolates infected files in a protected area of your hard drive.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6

This is another product that typically receives positive anti virus ratings. It is actually considered by many as being one of the best anti virus application released in last few years and the interface in particular is well reviewed, as this version sports a much cleaner and brighter look and the much larger right-hand window pane is used for details while on the left there is a Scan option and various other options are also handy.

In terms of performance in particular, the program scored well in CNET Labs` performance tests and exceptionally well in third-party, independent anti virus testing as well.

Anti virus ratings are important to read up on before making any final decisions because you want to be sure not only that you are choosing a great anti virus program, but more specifically one that is going to be best suited to you and your needs.