Information About The Netsky Virus Removal Tool

There are many different types of viruses and worms one in particular being the Netsky. This is actually a prolific family of computer worms. This family of worms is perhaps most famous of all for comments contained within the code of its variants insulting the authors of the Bagle and MyDoom worm families. In both these cases, the worm was sent out as an email and worked by enticing recipients to open an attachment. Once a recipient had opened this attachment the attached program would scan the computer for email addresses and email itself to all the addresses found.

Netsky Virus Removal Tool May Be A Necessity

If you have determined that the Netsky virus has infected your computer then you are going to have to use a Netsky virus removal tool to remove it. Remember that there are at least twelve different versions of the Netsky virus and because of its commonality Netsky virus removal tools have become something of a necessity.

You are going to have to use a reliable and effective anti virus removal tool specific to the Netsky family of worms to attempt to rid you computer of this malware. If this does not work you are going to have to manually remove the virus. Although it is easy enough to do on your own, if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself then you should hire a professional to do the job for you.

If you are going to try and manually remove it on your own then you will need to first disable the system restore, then update any virus definitions, restart your system in safe mode, run a full system scan and then delete any instances of the virus that you can find. You also want to remove all keys that the virus has added to the registry.

Once you have completed all of this then your computer system should be free of the Netsky virus, but in order to make sure you will want to run a full system scan with a name that you know such as McAfee or Norton. This scan will run through every single file and folder on your computer and inform you whether or not the Netsky virus removal tool has been successful in removing the worm from your computer.

The Netsky virus removal process over any other can be quite complex and time consuming, but because there are so many varieties of the virus and the effects of the virus can be so detrimental, it is critical that you get the ball rolling and remove the virus from your computer system as soon as possible.