The Top Three Anti Virus Downloads

Computer viruses are specific programs that work by copying themselves and infecting computers without the permission or knowledge of the computer user. There are various different types of computer viruses these days but all are most easily and commonly spread through attachments in emails and through instant messaging messages.

In order to keep your computer system as protected and safe as possible it is truly imperative that you have an effective anti virus program on your computer, and there are three anti virus downloads in particular that you will want to consider for this.

AVG Anti Virus

This is definitely one of the top anti virus downloads, and is actually even free. It is one of the most popular free solutions available for anti virus software and offers incredibly high levels of detection capability that millions of users around the world already trust to protect their computer networks.

Just a few of the features that it provides are: 24/7 technical support, high speed downloads, consent for commercial use, anti virus, anti spyware, anti spam, firewall, and multiple languages.

Ad-Aware 2007

This is another of the top anti virus downloads that are available, and it not only offers the ability to thoroughly scan the RAM of the system but also hard drives and all external storage devices for known data-mining, advertising and tracking components. It features an incredibly innovative redesigned engine, improved code sequence identification, incremental definition updates, and an array of other new features as well.

Spybot Search & Destroy

The third top anti virus download to be discussed here is Spybot Search & Destroy. This name is very familiar to most computer users and it is able to detect and remove a multitude of adware files and modules from your computer, as well as clean programs and Web-usage tracks from your system. Modules that have been chosen for removal can then be sent directly to the included file shredder which ensures complete elimination from your system rather than having them sit around in folders or files on your system as many other anti virus programs do.

There are many other anti virus downloads that you can choose from as well, many of which are just as effective and worthwhile, but out of all the options available on the market today these three are definitely the best of the best. They are all extremely useful and cost-effective and should definitely be your top choices when you are looking for the best anti virus program.